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These are common benign tumours that are frequently multiple. They can occur anywhere in the body but are most commonly found in a subcutaneous position. They can be symptomatic if large or located near a pressure point, the elbow region for instance.


Cysts are benign growths in the skin, usually filled with fluid or sebaceous material derived from glandular structures in the skin. They can achieve a reasonable size and cause local problems, particularly if they become infected. They can then become tender, red and sore and sometimes can discharge a foul smelling cheesey material. They are often best excised to avoid this complication, particularly if they are located in the central area of the face as these can be particularly troublesome if they become infected.


These are benign swellings which usually contain a thick sticky clear jellylike fluid. They are usually associated with a joint or a tendon, and are often located around the wrist and hand region. They can feel firm or spongy depending on size and are often symptomatic due to their location.